Our Beliefs

The Holy Scriptures
We believe that all sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are God-breathed (of divine origin). We emphatically and implicitly believe in their verbal (word for word), plenary (full and complete), infallible and inerrant inspiration. We regard Scripture as the sole arbiter and final authority in all matters pertaining to Church life and the Christian’s personal life.
The Holy Trinity
We believe the Scriptures teach that there are three Persons or Subsistences in the God-head: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each of these Persons possess the entire divine essence undivided and therefore the perfections which belong to God belong to each of these three Persons.
God the Father – as revealed in Scripture, is God. He is eternal, almighty, un-changing, sovereign, most holy, most wise, most loving, gracious and merciful, and yet most terrible in His judgments, so that He will in no wise clear the guilty.
God the Son – the Lord Jesus Christ the eternal Word, the Son of God, without inferiority or subordination in nature, substance and eternity. He came into the world without sin, thus uniting in Himself two distinct natures, being very God and very man, yet one Person, and voluntarily offered Himself an infinite, complete, and acceptable sacrifice for sin once and for all.
God the Holy Spirit - is God and not an impersonal force, and, like the Father and the Son, is a unique Person. He certainly and effectually applies and communicates the saving knowledge of Christ and His work to all whom the Son redeemed. He remains with the believer, begetting assurance, enlightening them in the things of God, and sanctifying them through the Word.
The Fall of Man
We believe that God made man perfect and upright with freedom and power to will and to do what was pleasing in his sight, yet he was made able to fall. This he did, the guilt of which is imputed to all his off-spring. The end result is all actual transgressions, on account of which, all people who die impenitent and un -regenerate shall be punished in conscious eternal torments forever.
Justification by Faith
We believe that those whom God effectually calls He also freely justifies by pardoning their sins and by accounting and accepting them as righteous. This He does, not for anything wrought in them, or done by them, but for Christ’s sake alone. Faith receiving and resting on Christ crucified and risen again is the sole instrument of justification.
The Personality of the Devil
We believe in the personality of the devil as a spirit-being, utterly corrupt and wicked, who opposes the authority of God. He works by blinding the minds of unbelievers, hindering the advance of the gospel, and tempting believers to sin.
The Return of the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ
We believe in the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth. The precise time of His coming and the day of Judgment is not revealed. Prior to this there is time for men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth, with the goodness of God leading them to repentance. Nevertheless, the time will come when God will judge the world. All believers alive then, along with the raised bodies of those who have died, will be transformed into a condition of glorious incorruptibility and will go to be with the Lord forever. Those who do not obey the gospel of Christ Jesus will be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord.
The Nature of the Church
We believe that the universal Church is the innumerable company of God’s elect in every age, who have been, are, or will be called out of the kingdom of darkness unto God, regenerated by the Holy Spirit, and redeemed from sin through the blood of Christ. This Church will endure to the end, and will be complete and perfect in the day of Christ. It is the duty of all believers to unite with local churches for their own sanctification and the maintenance of a gospel witness. We believe that the ordinances of the Church are two-fold, namely Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
Baptism – to be administered by the Church in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, to those who have exhibited repentance for sin and professed faith in Christ. It is administered by total immersion of the candidate in water.
The Lord’s Supper – is to be regularly observed by the Church by the simple breaking of bread and drinking of wine as a memorial of the sufferings and death of Christ.